Q Nicole McNair

Founder | The REI Mentor

Q. Nicole Mcnair started her professional career working with high profile real estate developers in the Washington, DC metropolitan region more than a decade ago. The momentum of her success afforded her the opportunity to transition into full-time real estate entrepreneurship. Real estate investing has always been a focal point in her life and it motivated her to create The REI Mentor  LLC which is compromised of mentorship programs, online training, virtual support and personal strategy sessions. She alongside her team has multiple help dozens of students successfully close investment deals by coaching them and providingsimple actionable strategies to deploy in their respective real estate investing careers.



Hey Guys! This is Charlyn from GEM Properties Inc. and I am here to share some great information about a friend of mine who hosted a course, The REI Mentor group, and I learned so much about my journey into real estate investing through that program.I have to tell you that Q. Nicole will walk you through every single step.When you do the mentoring program with her, she walks you through what is it you need to do and she also has you do hands on work while you are in the training! …
I absolutely loved the experience and I have learned so much on my own journey because of The REI Mentorship Program.So if this is something that you are interested in, do not wait any longer.This is the time to connect, to get started to build your future & be successful in the real estate industry.”



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